5 things to do in Fort Myers on vacations

Fort Myers is a place that can make you happy! Fort Myers is a quiet coastal town full of history, pristine beaches, and outdoor activities. Come find all there is to see and do in the “City of Palms” from the pleasant accommodations invited you to come and check out Fort Myers & Sanibel and experience all things to do in Fort Myers. With salt and freshwater by both sides, Fort Myers‘ natural surrounding are the primary reason for visiting. Many natural preserves in the area will help you obtain with nature. Now in this post, we will tell you about 5 things to do in Fort Myers on vacations.

things to do in Fort Myers

Best 5 things to do in Fort Myers on Vacations

  • Search for Seashells. Fort Myers is not only the best beach in Florida for seashells but the best in all of North America.
  • Walk Fort Myers Beach.
  • Go to Captiva Island.
  • Visit Cayo Costa State Park.
  • Have Lunch at Cabbage Key.
  • Spot Dolphins.

Search for seashells:

Fort Myers beach is not only the best beach in Florida for seashells but the best in all of North America. Just walking down the beach, you’ll be tripping over captivating seashells found some of the best shells on Cayo Costa where there was a meager quantity of visitors going for shells. However, there are good shells only on some beaches. The best time to find the seashells is in low water which happens daily, and the winter winds can lead to better shelling too.

Walk Fort Myers Beach:

For walking in the Fort Myers spread white sand up to 7 miles away. If you want to break, go for a swim. Fort Myers Beach is the best and safest beach in the world because there is no undertow and the water is shallow. It is the perfect beach for family vacations.

Go to Captiva Island:

Just a few minutes far away from Fort Myers is the island community of Captiva. The Sanibel Island Connected to the northern shores of Island by a bridge, Captiva is a great place for visitors in Ft. Myers. Long white sandy beaches with a lot of many visitors accommodation await on Captiva. Besides the other things, Captiva has a lot of eccentric fun actives like a restaurant where it’s Christmas all year long and mermaid play sessions. When you come here, don’t miss to visit Captiva in Fort Myers.

Visit Cayo Costa state park:

Take a boat and reach to Cayo Costa State Park which is full of beautiful beaches and acres of pine forest. This is the only way to go to Cayo Costa by boat. You have to go with Captiva Cruises from Captiva Island. You will love the ride out there, and once on Cayo Costa, you can spend your full day walking the beaches, searching for seashells, snorkeling, and much more activities. For a memorable night, you should consider camping on Cayo Costa.

Have a lunch at Cabbage key:

If you want to spend your all day without the boat, cabbage key would be the best lunch for you. Captiva Cruises provide Cabbage Key with 2 hours allocated on the island for lunch and exploring. The famous song “Cheeseburger in Paradise” by Jimmy Buffet was an inspiration of this cabbage key when he was visiting the island.


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