Get to know about best restaurants in Bonita Springs

Bonita Springs couches to the north of Naples, and whereas one city practically blends into the other, its dining view has become a component of the overall healthy Naples restaurant picture. Once known for its tomato growing and commercial fishing, however, Bonita Springs is all about food. Many of its excellent restaurant’s line Bonita Beach Road, a highway that joins Interstate 75 and Highway 41 to the beach. While you are touring or breathing in the Naples area, the quality and quantity of restaurants make moving the short distance to Bonita Springs worth the trip. Besides what is posted here, you will find an authentic Mexican taquerias, an old Florida style seafood restaurant and a casual beach shack eatery.

Best restaurants in Bonita Springs

Best restaurants in Bonita Springs

Old 41 Restaurant
Old 41 Restaurant open for breakfast and lunch only (until 3 p.m.), it feels like dining at home – mainly if you are from Philly. Then you will possibly order the Philly Breakfast with scrapple or Taylor pork roll or Philly-imported Amoroso rolls, and the Philly cheesesteak. Even non-Philly customers will love Old 41’s made-from-scratch list: corned beef hash homemade from Boar’s Head meat, an incredible Texas French toast with native pecans and caramel, fresh-ground Colombian coffee, Carbon’s malted Belgian waffles, hot roasted turkey, Boar’s Head hoagies, or beef sandwiches and homemade rice pudding. The environment is a simple strip mall storefront – clean, bright, and friendly.

Coconut Jack’s
A comfortable al fresco meal under an authentic Seminole-weaved round chickee roof at a site named Coconut Jack’s: For starters, try the BBQ pork nachos or a salad, crab cakes with mango buerre blanc. The tequila oysters Rockefeller spins a classic with jalapeno merged into Asiago cheese and a sprinkle of tequila. Shrimp, fish, scallops, and clam pieces get the flash-fry strategy for the baskets. Good choices: Pulled pork sandwich, Mahi tacos, honey lime glazed salmon, baby back ribs, filet mignon, and stuffed grouper.

Figs Grille
Mediterranean cuisine gets a new base of appearance at Fig’s Grille. Fig’s, offer Turkish, heavier Lebanese, Moroccan and Spanish collection, winning taste buds on a magic rug ride of exotic flavors. The dining room gives the proper environment for embarkation with screen drapery, vibrant colors, a band of table and booths, lighting that summons the Arabian Nights, and an alcove bar. Figs get cameo displays throughout the menu: in the signature salad with baby spinach, in the tuna ceviche appetizer, and fig balsamic vinaigrette, in a chutney with the roasted duck, and as a native figs confit with the crème Brulee.

A Table Apart
The little, modern, sparsely furnished area along Bonita Beach Road meets the size of the menu. But good stuff comes in a tiny package here – design and expert flavor pairings draw a loyal following that always fills A Table Apart. The menu’s dishes fall under Earth and Water titles and one titled “Jeff Turned Guiseppe,” which points to Hawaiian born chef-owner Jeff Acol’s love of Italian. Hawaiian and global impacts surface in such foods as fillet of tripletail with sticky white rice, citrus beurre, and Asian aioli. The Kurobuta pork ribeye is barbecued and complemented with a caramelized onion soubise-style gravy. Chinese red vinegar dipping sauce and Asian soba noodle salad inject the whole grilled yellowtail snapper with Pacific Rim touch.

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