Get to know about historical Edison and Ford Winter Estates

Fort Myers is a very famous city located on the West Coast of  State of Florida. This major city has gone through a lot of changes in past few decades. It is also an economical power house and many industries are established in this city. Fort Myers is an ideal tourist attraction for locals as well as foreigners. White sand and ideal weather conditions attract tourists from all around the world. Lake Regional park is also located in Fort Myers which is an ideal place for recreation activities. Imaginarium Science Center is a science and aquarium museum which is located in Fort Myers  as well offers a summer camp. But in this blog you will get to know about historical Edison and Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers, Florida.

Historical Edison and Ford Winter Estates

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The Edison and Ford Winter Estates  is a historical museum and botanical garden located in Fort Myers, Florida. This museum and botanical garden had a very famous place in the pages of history as it belong to the great inventor Thomas Alva Addison. If you are a student and you wish to learn something about the life and work of Addison then this could be the place where you can look for some answers. This Estate is also situated to the personal lab of Thomas Addison. From out side, this place look very simple but you visit this place you may find some treasure hidden, which Addison himself left just for you. Functions and festivals are also held in this facility. If you are a student then you can request your teachers that they take all of your class to this historical place. Edison and Ford Winter Estates could also be an ideal place to spend some quality time with your whole family as well and when you are looking for a reliable source of ground transportation then Florida Shuttle Transportation could be an ideal choice.

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