Get to know about the best beaches surrounding Fort Myers Florida

The state of Florida is covered all over with beaches and white powdery sand. So, if you’re searching for fun in the sun, there is plenty to be carried the beaches bordering Ft Myers. From Cayo Costa to the activity packed shores at Lynn Hall Memorial Park, there’s for sure a location that has your name written in the sand. On the other hand Lynn Hall lies right in the heart of Ft Myers beach, where you’ll find a lot more activity compared to any other sandy location; restaurants, bars as well as bunches of water sports. In this article you will get to know about the best beaches you can visit during vacation that are surrounding Fort Myers Florida.

The best beaches surrounding Fort Myers

Cayo Costa State Park

Cayo Costa State Park is an island with not only a nine miles of lovely beach, but also with mangrove swamps and acres of shady pine trees. Cayo Costa is an amazing place for shelling, and during your trip there you also need to keep your eyes open for wild animals including dolphins, manatees as well as a selection of birds. Angling is permitted as well as there are paths for off-road cycling. The island is only accessible by boat so you need to have one or you could also get on a ferryboat. Cayo Costa is counted as one of the best beaches surrounding Fort Myers.

Lynn Hall Memorial Park

Lynn Hall Memorial Park is a preferred family spot that boasts among the location’s most popular destinations: Fort Myers Beach Pier. The park’s beach location attract sunbathers, swimmers, volley-ballers as well as anglers. Undoubtedly, Lynn Hall is the area to head if you are looking for an enjoyable, activity-filled day at the beach. The park provides public bathroom facilities and also bathhouses. If you do drive, park and pay at a main stand and you can also use credit/debit cards as well.

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Captiva Beach

Captiva Beach is also counted as one of the best beaches surrounding Fort Myers and is also preferred by mostly families and couples as well. The car parking is minimal however it is worth the effort if you can discover an area. There are miles of beach and also it is widely considered among the most enchanting beaches. You can located uncountable shells right at the beach and also the dolphins love to play in the clear blue water. A pontoon boat offers refreshments and treats from the superficial water in case you lack nutrition.

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