Get to know about the nightlife of Fort Myers

Most of the Fort Myers nightlife appears to be focused around sunsets and happy hours. But for music enthusiasts and the late-night group, there are still lots of opportunities to keep the fun going. If the live music is what creates a good night out for you, then you will be entertained with the numerous offerings, from optional shoe spots on Fort Myers Beach like the Cottage and The Smokin’ Oyster Brewery; to hip, downtown connections like The Firestone and Cigar Bar. Fort Myers downtown also highlights a famous Music March the third Friday of the month.

Nightlife in Fort Myers Florida

Nightlife in Fort Myers Florida

You’ll find a few party clubs downtown too, but one of the most famous can be found in a modern section of town.
One of the most famous targets for nightlife is at the Gulf Coast Town Center. This one-stop drinking and dining place has all sorts of bars that attract to all ages. Close to Florida Gulf Coast University, it is also quite familiar with the college group. Many of the most excellent places to party need driving so be assured to plan ahead for a secure ride to home.

Fort Myers Beach Sunset
Fort Myers beaches are full at sunset. Some people see in love as the sun moves away into the magnificent Gulf of Mexico. However, some people like to party, like winning in a sporting event, the result of another day. These are some people who meet on the weekend for the Sunset Celebration at the professed Times Square section of Fort Myers Beach. The square is a stroller area at the bottom of the beach pier, full of restaurants, bars, and shops.

The Cottage Beach Bar and Grill
The Cottage is excellent, a favorite place for locals. As the member of the more refined and recently restored Gulfshore Grill, the Cottage is a casual, open-air beach bar with an excellent view of the water. People come by boat, by car, and by foot to enjoy here. You’ll get live music every night. Sometimes the acts are single and more friendly, other times full rings set up and rock the floor.

Doc Fords Rum Bar & Grille
Most beachgoers point Doc Ford’s from the large bridge while passing over Estero Bay to the Gulf of Mexico. Following a sprawling support house, Doc’s has a cool indoor bar as well as spacious dining space. However, the biggest gatherings occur down, along with the dock. Here you will get all sorts of live music, every day and night of the week. There are two bars and a huge dance floor. It’s an entertaining, casual place where party lover can also come by boat.

Beached Whale
It’s absolutely impossible to drop the turn for this time-tested area on Fort Myers Beach. Such friendly quirkiness is what has won this bastion of grill and seafood to regulars over the ages. The live entertainment here spans every night of the week, highlighting the most famous regional and local bands.

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