Read four best reviews about Edison and Ford Winter Estates Florida

Reviews about Edison and Ford Winter Estates

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Wow, what a find. As a Michigan native we all know about Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum. I never realized the Ford family spent the winter months on this gorgeous estate in Ft. Meyers. The Ford and Edison homes are well maintained. The grounds are beautiful and relaxing. Old time cars, swimming pool and bathhouse take you back in time all for a decent price. Prepare to walk, and have or buy water to keep hydrated!

Seth Baklor says:

Great place to stop for a bit of history. Can easily visit in 1 hr or 4 hrs depending on how much detail you want. The staff are extremely knowledgeable. All them questions about the exhibits and you’ll get unexpected demonstrations and stories. They are not shy about turning on historical vehicles and music players for guests.

Denise Guerra says:

We love history and its because of places like this. Thank you for preserving this gem, there is not one thing we didnt fall in love with on our visit. Best spot we visited in Fort Meyers. Staff is exceptional and knowledgeable with all the intricate details of their lives and their extensive connections. And the grounds are amazingly well kept. SO glad they spent the money on this preservation.

Sara Chung says:

A very nice place to visit. It is educational for both kids and adults. We purchased the audio tour and we were able to finish everything in 3 hours. The staff suggested us to do the estate tour in the morning first when the weather was cooler and continue the museum where is indoor and under AC later. Do picked up a sheet by the museum entrance for scavenger hunt. Kids can earn a small price after they are answer all the questions. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to know more about Edison and Ford.

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